1. Front-office Management

eLitePOS functions to automate the front office operations of restaurants/ bar. It eliminates non- productive processes to improve overall efficiency of the hospitality business. elitePOS controls the whole process of customer handling, from order taking to billing with its tailor made features to improve efficiency and facilitate speedy turnaround and up-selling.

  • Facilitates order taking and management through Wi-Fi enabled PDAs
  • Customized menu ordering screens at tables to enable uninterrupted and fast order fulfillment and customer service
  • Supports payment in cash, credit and debit card, coupon and vouchers etc
  • Flexible printing options with capability to split order into multiple KOTs
  • Intuitive interface to provide information of occupied and vacant tables for proper allocation of table  as per advance reservation and customer inflow
  • Flexible system to configure and modify menu items and prices
  • Enables configuration of restaurant layout with features such as Multiple tables addition, floor configuration, separate user Id configuration and much more

2. Recipe and Inventory Management

ElitePOS is integrated with inventory function to facilitate inventory analysis at the end of the day. The powerful tool combined with kitchen area helps in tracking the right quantity of items served, ingredients on hand and purchases required. ElitePOS also manages recipe of items and dishes with required materials of particular item which helps kitchen personnel to prepare those items without any trouble.

  • Tracks amount of daily consumption
  • Gives information about the ingredients availability and non-availability
  • Provides information about material requisition, re-order level and closing stock of F&B
  • Stock auditing function, displays stock movement inwards and outwards, Purchases, Expiry dates, wastage of material ,vegetables and other ingredients
  • Manages material transfer within different location and branches of particular restaurant
  • Recipe management function gives details about the required material as well as items that are over
  • Updates stock automatically in the system after every order consumption

3. Accounting:

elitePOS keeps a bird’s eye on the overall expenses and returns of restaurant/ café/fast food joint. The centralized repository manages the overall account of restaurant and its other divisions, giving crystal clear information of movements of funds. Integrated with inventory function, ElitePOS depicts the purchase expenses occurred for particular item, its storage and loss in case of spoiled and expired food items and beverages to help establish accurate F&B costing analysis.

  • Gives information of billing history as per order and customer
  • Gives detailed analysis of spending on purchases of materials and beverages, containers, and other items of restaurant
  • Helps in tallying the stock of items served and items on hand
  • Calculates  per day sale with daily consumption analysis
  • Maintains records of salary expenses, facilities expenses and other expenses related to the outlet or restaurant
  • Adjusts customers bill amount with vouchers
  • enerates reports of supplier with outstanding items and bills

4. Takeaway & Home Delivery Management:

ElitePOS functions to extend its support for Restaurant takeaway and Home delivery. It has customer identification system which helps in delivery of ordered food to right customers at their home or offices.

  • Facility to keep records of names, address and preference of customers which help in providing efficient home delivery services to them.
  • Allocates and links vehicle and delivery man to particular order
  • Manages home delivery and takeaway orders booking done online or via phone-call  or sums

5. Back-Office Management:

eLitePOS comes with a powerful system that is ideal for controlling staff costs, time-keeping and productivity along with back office operation. It provides seamless kitchen to table services with centralized control over kitchen area to increase returns, cut costs and enhance bottom line through reduced resource wastage.

  • Eases Kitchen to order Management resulting in reduced Table-to-Kitchen, Kitchen-to-Table rounds
  • Centralized system to manage multiple outlet’s menu and price
  • Track orders booking and cancellation done online or by SMS
  • Processes orders and deliveries, manages staff, and supports day closing procedure
  • Robust system to keep an eye on every order and resources involved in it

6. MIS Reports:

eLitePOS generates MIS reports to depict sales by hour, average order value, top selling items, ingredients usage and cost, peak periods during the day and week, average table occupancy and labor cost and turnaround time that gives better understanding of restaurant and café’s efficiency. It provides vast amount of information containing concise and meaningful data that helps in taking important decisions.

  • Ingredients and Food/Beverage Purchase Register displaying purchase tax, pending purchase order, day/week/month wise purchase analysis and comparison
  • Profitability Report on the basis of Bill, Customer, Duration and Items
  • Order wise Customer Report
  • Daily Invoices Report
  • Stock Analysis Report
  • Sales analysis and statistics Report
  • Material Consumption Report