1. Financial Accounting

eLiteERP’s financial module helps you maintain ledger accounts and follow effective cash and asset management policy. This module of ERP has functionalities like configurable chart of accounts, predefined narration, Bank and ledger reconciliation. You can customize reports and print-export them to other formats. This module of ERP has following salient features:

  • Facilitates preparation of statements such as trial Balance / trading account / PL accounts / Balance Sheet in accordance with legitimate Act
  • Manages outstanding accounts receivable and payable along with ageing analysis and debit/credit notes
  • Supports all cash and Bank transactions:  receipt, payment, withdrawal, deposit and transfer
  • Can configure unlimited number of accounts, account groups, assets categories and vouchers with auto/manual numbering
  • Creates periodic statement automatically
  • Sends account reports and invoices to customer’s billing address or e-mail address
  • Provision for retained earnings and pending amounts in adjustment entries
  • Bank and Ledger reconciliation
  • Facility for cherub printing, bank pay-in slip generation, voucher generation, automatic generation of invoice from vouchers, etc.
  • Incorporates fixed assets schedule with depreciation calculation

2. Procurement

The purchase module of ERP works as your vendor management and analytics tool. You eliminate or reduce burden of repeated data entries thorough configured price and conditions templates. The entire procurement cycle, from requisition to return, is automated and well supported by reporting mechanism that helps you retain tight control over all stages

  • Maintains complete catalog of products, vendors list, organization name, billing addresses, tax rates and shipping addresses
  • Accumulates  and stores detailed database of suppliers/subcontractors/service providers
  • Issues purchase orders with proper schedules of payment and delivery
  • Facilitates quotation comparison, vendor analysis and inspection of quality of arrived goods
  • Maintains and tracks different types of purchase order, the  calculations involved, and also takes care of  their  cancellation
  • Manages entire purchase cycle, which is made of following stages like purchase planning, tracking and reporting with pre-assigned task priorities, and start/finish dates
  • Provides information on outstanding/pending orders and completed ones

3. Inventory Mangement

You can track inventory across locations with the powerful inventory module of ERP. Features like bar code and RFID tracking, expiry control and warranty tracking keep you informed on status of inventory. You can attach images, drawings/specifications with each inventory and also categorize them in groups

  • Keeps record of goods issued, received and inspected
  • Maintains stock journals, inward and outward registers
  • Features barcode and RFID tracking, expiry control, warranty tracking, ageing analysis, automated route scheduling for complete management of inventory across organization.
  • Facility to attach images, specifications and technical drawings of stock for clear understanding of each substance of inventory
  • Maintains multiple item categories and groups and multiple units of items for easy allocation, grouping and differentiation of materials
  • Exhibits data of raw material, finished good, purchased, inventory and non-inventory items
  • Manages multiple location warehouse transfers and tracks movements among them with accurate stock evaluation.
  • Allows lot-wise inventory tracking, physical verification and quality control.
  • Automatically updates data and records differences along with continuous stock counting process.

4. Production Planning and Control

The production module of eLiteERP helps streamline the entire production process be it batch, discrete, made-to-order or made-to-stock production. It facilitates execution of simple to complex production processes in a manner, which helps organization meet the all the product specifications and quality standards. You can formulate and schedule production and modify it through manual/forward/backward scheduling features.

  • Formulates complete production work flow structure that gives idea of essentials with minute details of components and processes       
  • Facilitates manual, forward and backward scheduling of production based on process routing
  • Synchronization with all modules for effective real-time management of manufacturing methods, materials, manpower and machines.
  • Enables tracking of finished goods, by products, scrap and materials on board
  • Keeps record of machine consumption and downtime for each shift
  • Calculates standard and actual production costs as well as monitors production status
  • Maintains multiple BOM for raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, etc

5. Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution module of ERP gives a complete control over movement of goods towards market. It helps organize the whole process right from enquiry to delivery of goods/services on single screen with multi-faceted applications. It is merged with other modules to give a standardized procedure for each sale proceeds and provide quality services to each customer. It gives best-of-bred solution for managing entire sales activity with a room for flexibility to adapt to requirements at any time..

  • Handles multiple products and customers with up-to-date generation of orders, invoices, profitability reportssales quotations, etc
  • Calculates sales commission per agent as well as maintains price matrices and manages pre-paid orders and credit customers.
  • Analyzes refurbishment, exchanges, recalls, tax per order, warranty claim for returns etc
  • Performs order analysis and quotation success ratio
  • Maintains register for enquiry, order, delivery, return, pending sales, shipping invoices, etc
  • Enables printing of invoice, delivery, packing slip, bar code and labels
  • Creates term and conditions of orders and payment and provision of export order
  • Enables customization of order as per buying patterns and preferences of customers

6. Quality Assurance

Quality Control module of ERP outlines the required quality parameters and criteria for efficient operation of business. It prescribes quality standard for organizational structure, its processes, resources, products and productions, and method of management. eLiteERP revolves around the whole sphere of business cycle from procurement to distribution and infuses right quality adherence in an uncompromising manner. It performs as security partner to enable complete control over processes and establishes qualified standard procedures.

  • Identifies defect and shortcomings if any with full cycle QA review
  • Enables pre-configuration of quality standards to match the result with set standards
  • Completely merged with other modules and functions to set up strict control and quality observance
  • Stores all data of required quality assurance in master file to enable management to review on regular basis and rework on deviations, if any

7. System Administration

With System administration module of ERP, a business can secure and authenticate its complete process and data to ensure protection against scammers and loss/theft. eLiteERP System module provides flexibility to define user roles and maintain role permission for accessing and using data. It maintains complete control over system and prevents failure and loss at the time of crisis.

  • Provides complete backup and recovery of system data
  • Database monitoring  and supervision of access and execution
  • Provides control and management of server
  • Allows log and system resource monitoring to ensure full control and well-organized functioning of the system
  • Allows complete administration of network and devices attached to it, and solves security and performance issues that might crop up