1. Employee Management

AccuPAY’s, employee Management module is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS), which manages employee’s entire data from hire–to-retire. The module eliminates duplication of data entries, which in turn saves time. Authorized users get quick view of contact, qualification, experience and family, personal, medical, statutory and other required information of any employee in the organization.

  • Keep records of all employee designations, grades and organization level, joining date, reporting structure, salary, confirmation dates, etc
  • Evaluates employees’ performance on timely basis and helps in performance management and appraisal system with automated and accurate calculations
  • Maintains list of trainees, probationers and confirmed employee list as well as list of promoted and to be promoted employees
  • Maintains salary payment details of each employee such as payment mode, bank name, bank account number, PAN no. multiple salary applicable, O.T. and external incentives applicable,etc
  • Allows employee data exchange to and from various locations
  • Generates reports of newly joined and relieved employees, salaries paid, mediclaim of employees, location and grade wise report, list of transferred employees, demographic length of service and designation report, birth date and age report, gratuity and PF amount report

2. Attendance Management

With attendance module, AccuPAY facilitates efficient management and explicit monitoring and recording of employee attendance. It manages shift set up and shift timings configuration, half day leave, weekly off, total working hours and employee’s daily presence and absence with integrated import facility of punch card and biometric system to ensure accurate management of employee attendance.

  • Monitors complete data of employee attendance status including full leave, half absent, half leave, weekly off, compensatory off etc
  • Defines terms of late coming and early going limits, break timings, number of occurrence of noncompliance of timings etc
  • Creates and manages shift timings, attendance, shift scheduling and shift change
  • Maintains master file of every employee’s attendance data as well as keeps monthly records  for calculating total working hours for payroll processing
  • Creates employee wise, designation wise and department wise monthly attendance report

3. Leave Management

AccuPAY’s Leave Management module simplifies and smoothens the task of managing employee leave data such as approval of leaves, crediting of leaves, pending leave applications, cancelled leaves etc which alleviate HR functions and eliminates headache of paperwork and form filling.

  • Integrated with Employee Self Service (ESS) portal which enables employees to add and update leave request at their end resulting in accurate management of leave data without duplicate entry.
  • Auto update of leave credit and debit from ESS
  • Manages allotment of leaves and encashment of non-availed leaves
  • Generates employee wise and department wise reports of cancelled leaves, leave differences, leave without pay and other summary of leaves
  • Defines maximum number of leaves allowed, carried- forward leaves, paid/unpaid leaves and other leave facilities

4. Loan Management

AccuPAY’s Loan management module is fine example of how a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) manages the loan requirement of the employees at click of buttons. It keeps record of disbursement of loan to employees and scrutinizes loan approval, and applications from time to time to maintain a transparent system of loan. The Loan management module handles multiple loans of single employee along with loan type, loan status and amount applied for.

  • Maintains employee wise loan balance along with the loan type, amount and application ID
  • Calculates automatic interest with EMI option and deductions from pay slips
  • Facility to edit repayment period, rate of interest, interest calculation method and installments
  • Facilitate creation of any number of loan types, interest on loan and deductions
  • Maintains records of required documents of each loan with loan disbursement date and amount.
  • Keeps month wise reports of loan outstanding statement, loan ledger, loan interest posting and EMI schedule
  • Generates loan application submission and  status report as well as loans sanctioned and pending for approval

5. Payroll Management

AccuPAY’s Payroll module streamlines the payroll structure and eases pay processing part of HR administration through timely and accurate disbursement of salaries to the employees. HRMS payroll module calculates overtime, incentives, allowances, bonus, arrears, deductions, final settlement list of each employee and many other functions.

  • Ability to process salary by taking in to account wage type, designation, location, number of working days etc
  • Facility to configure customized value of components such as deductions, percentage wise fund, incentives, bonus percentage, variable component and TDS
  • Calculates arrears and bonus of each employee with pre-defined percentage or maximum-minimum limit
  • Facility to approve, edit or delete salary process structure
  • Multiple salary processing can be done for a group with the same salary structure based on  department, organization level, salary date and month
  • Maintains salary, arrears, leaves, reimbursement, PF and full & final settlement registers
  • Generates reports such as employee wise CTC, salary slips, medical/LTA entitlement, salary processing statistics, professional tax deduction, reimbursement slips, Overtime Claim List, outstanding salaries, bonus, net salary statement, Bank statement etc.

6. Tour Management

AccuPAY’s another HRMS tool, i.e. Tour Management manages employees’ touring activities, undertaken to different geographic regions for field work. It manages disbursement of tour claims of employees and is integrated with Employee Self Service (ESS) portal so that employees can apply and seek approval for tours, and submit claims on their own.

  • Facility to send requests of tour from ESS and receive approvals
  • Maintain details such as travel class and mode, date and places of travel, project for which the tour is being undertaken and the cost involved
  • Maintains tour claim amounts and expenses
  • Sets maximum limit of imprest type and manages outstanding and pending amount of imprest for employees’ tours

7. Compliance Management

AccuPAY’s Human Resource Management System has Compliance Management module, which ensures compliance of all statutory regulations by helping employees fill forms in timely and accurate manner. Compliance management guides HR in appropriate fulfillment of statutory requirement.

  • Generate all the reports related to PF, PT, ESI, TDS and LWF
  • Facility to view statements and challans in print friendly PDF formats
  • Records PF account number and contribution of employee and employer
  • Records tax slabs for professional tax of each employee
  • Maintain ESI challan and Income tax registers
  • Maintain records of TDS deduction and contribution for each employee towards LWF